Belgrade, Serbia has soul and so does singer Dunja. The grittiness of the Eastern European city will transform you like no other. You see beauty in different ways…beauty within the walls, cracks, and its dilapidating structures. There’s a sense of spirit, and it will seep within you like Dunja’s vocals – deep and powerful. I photographed Dunja in Dorcol, a part of stari grad (old town). It’s one of my favorite urban areas in the city where I spend the most time. So much history hides itself there, locked away and often forgotten. A heavy rainstorm swept through during our session, and we embraced it. The air was fresh, the sky light orange. It was dreamy. We ended our session on a rooftop among the silent chaos, above the lights. We laughed. We had fun. We connected.  A sampling of her music is below. Hit play.

Vocals: Dunja Divic
DJ/Sax: Petar Kamber
Guitar: Dejan Jovicic

Song – Aceton



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