“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.”

– Dorothea Lange

Hi, I’m Angela! I come from a small town in the heart of Wisconsin. Ever since I can remember I’ve always been exposed to some form of art, whether it was painting, art metals, sculpting with clay, or graphic design. Artistry has always been a part of me. Photography has enabled me to live a life that I never thought I could, and best of all it connected me to my husband, Momcilo (ask me about our story!). Using an art form to document the love between families, and the complete innocence of children will never get old to me. I love traveling, interior design, cooking, chai tea, olives, orchids, and of course, SQUIRRELS (I’m a little obsessed with the little creatures, and that’s where the name mixed nuts originates). You might find me eating a grilled cheese at Steuben’s or taking walks at the park with my ridiculously cute dog Juno. I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Wisconsin. After college, I road-tripped it to sunny Colorado, and have called Denver home base for the last 14 years.